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with New Patients On Demand...
Month After Month! 
Direct Mail for Chiropractors Is A Proven Done-for-you System With EVERYTHING You Need To Get More New Patients.
Why Is Direct Mail the New Gold Rush?
  • ​The perfect solution to replace lunch 'n learns.
  • Replace or add to your existing Facebook ads with Mail!
  • ​Reach the perfect new patient who would never be online.
  • ​​You can blanket your entire community at once!
  • Amazing ROI! 
  • ​People get to physically hold and TOUCH your material! (We are chiropractors after all!)
  • ​BONUS: Your Ads can sit on the kitchen table for months after you send out mail and each time is a new impression on the customers mind! It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Marketing is different and Direct Mail is your solution to 
grow your practice in the socially distanced era

Effortlessly Send Mail and Get Popular Quick!

Want to see more new patients?

Imagine being able to literally blanket your community with your custom postcard and material! 

We can select your routes based on location, income and choose whether you want to send to businesses or just homes! 

This kind of customization is incredible and Direct Mail for Chiropractors puts you in the drivers seat

The name of the game is exposure and there has never been a faster, more effective way to market yourself than by blanketing your community with postcards!

It Worked for Them... It Will Work for YOU!
"Everytime we send out mail we get at least a 5:1 ROI!"
Dr. Andrew Jones - Chiropractor
Premier Spine Health & Injury Center
Holmen, Wisconsin
"Big thumbs up for Direct Mail for Chiropractors!"
Dr. Tyler Reed - Chiropractor
Freedom Chiropractic
Delafield, WI

"I can't recommend it enough. Thanks Dr. Seth for putting it together!"
Dr. Ashly Ochsner - Chiropractor & Public Speaker
Health From Within & Go! Talks
Orland Park, Illinois

"We had 10 new patients come in from our first mailing!"
Dr. Peter Birchler - Chiropractor
The Chiropractic Health Center
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania
What makes your program work?
It's as easy as 1... 2... 3...
Don't waste money or precious time trying to figure out direct mail on your own. With our system you get everything you need to do direct mail all at your fingertips from the comfort of your computer. 

Step 1: 

We create your custom postcard based on years of expertise. 

Step 2: 

We select the best routes around your practice to send your postcards to.

Step 3: 

Sit back and let the postcards drive new patient calls to your office!

Direct Mail is Critical To Marketing Your Practice!
Are You Missing The One Critical Pillar to Marketing Your Practice?
from from the masses!
When everybody is doing advertising on Facebook and online, you will stand out as the select few doing actual mail.
Laser focus your marketing and make sure people get your material who you can't reach online or in person. 
and effective
You are busy so let us do the heavy lifting for you and get your postcards in the hands of thousands around your office.

You are not alone. I have paid thousands of dollars to mentors to learn how to market my message. 
Now I'm giving you what took me years (and tens of thousands of dollars) to learn. 

Doctors From Across The Country Are Seeing A BIG ROI Using Direct Mail!
The truth is that Facebook ads are losing effectiveness, and it may be years before we are allowed to do screenings or talks again.

What will use to talk to your community and reach new patients?

Mail is a gold rush right now.

Direct Mail allows you to generate high quality new patients on DEMAND! 

Using our years of expertise in designing your postcard, you are saving hundreds on copy-writing and graphic design.

In fact other direct mail companies can charge upwards of $2500-$3000 to send out mail! 

With our system we send out the postcards for you and take all the guesswork out of it so you don't have to waste time trying to figure it all out on your own.

And after years of trial and error and hundreds of templates sent we know what works and what doesn't.

Postcards MUST follow a formula for them to work and by using us you are getting that exact success formula that has worked for hundreds of doctors.

With Direct Mail for Chiropractors, the work is done for you to create stunning and effective postcards and get them into the hands of your community and new patients!

We do all the work for you. Truly, its effortless... all you have to do is say go!

Yes, its that easy! 

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